Duncan Stewart is the Dojo-cho ( head instructor ) of the Bujinkan Tasmania Toku Bu Ryu Sui Dojo.

Duncan has been practicing martial arts for over 35 years.

He lived in Japan for 10 years studying Classical Japanese Martial Arts at the Bujinkan Dojo under Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, DaiShihan Toshiro Nagato, DaiShihan Yukio Noguchi and Happo Biken DaiShihan Kennichi Someya.

Duncan is the highest ranked practitioner in Tasmania and is a licensed senior Shidoshi-Kai instructor of Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu. He has also received the Golden Dragon Award, Enbu Excellence Award, Bufu Ikkan Shin Gi Tai Award, Yushuu Shihan and Dai Shihan Certification directly from Grandmaster Hatsumi at the Honbu Dojo in Japan.

Duncan was often asked to be Uke ( demonstration partner ) for Grandmaster Hatsumi and the Japanese Shihan in classes and for international seminars, television, and video productions.

Duncan has participated in many public demonstrations in Japan and has also appeared on Japanese National Television as a foreign guest demonstrating the Art of Ninjutsu.

He has travelled extensively around the world teaching seminars called Bushinden Kai ( gathering to honour the spirit and teachings of the the warrior gods )  in 20 countries:

The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium,

Lithuania, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Israel and Hong Kong.

In Japan, Duncan instructed children and adults in English and the martial arts at his own Dojo at the Kashiwa City Suwa Shinto Shrine. He has also studied Nihon Buyo ( Japanese Samurai Dance ), Kenbiki ( martial arts healing therapy ) Taiko ( Japanese Drumming ) and Zen Shiatsu ( healing arts ).

Duncan has returned to Tasmania to share the beauty and traditions of Japanese Classical Martial Arts and the misunderstood art of Ninjutsu ( arts of the Ninja ).

He hopes to transmit the feeling of true martial arts and honour his teachers by assisting students to unify their spirit, technique and body ( Shin Gi Tai Ichi ) as members of Bujinkan Tasmania.




Southern Tiger

Bujinkan Dojo 師範



" The reverberations of my ideas, the dispersion of the

pure martial heart has spread far and wide, as far as the pure star of Tasmania. "

Bujinkan Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi
Unarmed Techniques of the Samurai -  

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